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History of the Hilgediecks

These records come from chapter 1 of "Die Geschichte der Familie Hilgedieck" by Wilhelm Hilgedieck, Lengerich, Germany . 
Used with permission of the author.

History of the Hilgedicks

History of the Hilgedick Farm

Emigration of the last owner of the Hilgedick Farm

The contract for the sale of the Hilgedick Farm

History of the Hilgedicks

The name "Hilgedick, Hilgediek, Hilgedick, Hilgadiack:

1. Our name is a place name. 

All Hilgedick's in the whole world have their roots in the Hilgedick farm in Lienen. Lienen is a small village in the former district Tecklenburg, 20 miles in the east of the town Muenster.

2. The meaning of the name "Hilgedick": 

The name Hilgedick has two parts: Hilge and dieck. "Hilge" or "Hild" can have several meanings. For example: holy, fight, clear, bright. Our name "Hilge" means clear or bright. The second part "dieck" in Low German is pool (small lake). So the meaning of oue name would be the man who is living at the pool with clear water. The neighbor of the Hilgedick farm in Lienen has the name Brundieck. "Brun" is Low German and is in High German "Braun", in English "brown". So "Brundieck" is the man who lives at the pool with the brown water.

3. The pronouncing of the name Hilgedick in Germany is Low German (dialect).

H is like H in help
I i in will
L l in like
G g in go
E e in tell
Dieck week, seek

History of the farm Hilgedieck in Lienen, Germany.

1391: Hillige dikes hove called in the parish Bork. (Documents registered under Von Senden)

1576: Hillige Dyckes in Lienen paid tax of 1 guilder.

1577: Hilgedieck had 3 horses and 4 cows: paid 2 1/2 thaler.

1580: Hlligedyck in Lienen paid 6 thaler, 5 1/2 schillings.

1590: Hilligedick in Lienen paid 6 thaler 1/2 schillings.

1609: Heiligen Deich in Lienen called.

1615: Hillige Dyckesche in Lienen called.

1621: Hillige Dyck paid 5 1/2 thalers, 2 schillings.

1634: Hilligedyck paid 6 thalers, 11 schillings, 1 pfennig.

1643: Hilligedyck had 2 horses, 4 cows, 1 horned cattle

1644: Hilgedieck, Joergen the old in Lienen called.

1654: Hilgedieck, Hermann gave a gift for a calyx.

1661: Hilgedieck, Hermann bought a chair in the church.

1673: Hilgedieck paid 2 hens

1676: Hermann Hilgedieck bought 10 Scheffelsaat land in Lienen.

1774: Hilgedieck paid 32 thalers, 4 groschen, 9 pfennig.

1774: Children debt for Anna Hilgedieck-Willen, Catherine Elsabein Hilgedieck - Dreyer: 60 thalers.

1831: Hilgedieck, Johann, pays tax: 110 thalers, 2 groschen, 11 pfennig.

1831: Cordt Everdt Hilgedieck receives 200 thalers when he is married into the Lührmann farm.

1832: Largeness of the farm: 132 Morgen, 126 Ruthen

1834: Johann Ernst Hilgedieck recieves 250 Thalers heritage. (Emigration to USA)

1841: Conrad Hermann Heinrich Hilgedieck bought 20 Morgen land for 30 Thalers.

1843: Conrad Hermann Heinrich sold the farm Hilgedieck in Lienen, Dorfbauer for 2750 thalers and emigrates to USA.

(From records in Staatsarchiv Münster, Gemeindearchiv Lienen, and Kirchenb Lienen)

The last owner of the Hilgedieck farm in Lienen emigrates in 1843 to USA.

The last owner of the Hilgedieck farm in Lienen emigrates in 1843 to USA. 127.3 Conrad Hermann Heinrich Hilgedieck, born February 2nd 1798 in Lienen. Married March 6th 1818 in Lienen to Catharina Sophia Heemann, born 1792, died July 1st 1837 in Lienen.

With the date of his wedding Conrad Hermann Heinrich was owner of the Hilgedieck farm.

In 1834 3 siblings of Conrad Hermann Heinrich emigrated to the USA:

1) 127.1 Johann Ernst Hilgedieck, born Nov. 15th 1792, with his husband Lemberg,

2) 127.5 Helene Maria Sophia Hilgedieck, born April 5th 1802 with her husband Johann Wilhelm Huckriede,

3) 127.6 Catharina Sophia Elisabeth Hilgedieck, born Sept. 27th 1804 with her husband Friedrich Wilhelm Schowengerdt.

This 3 Hilgedieck families were the first emigrants of our family. They settled in Marthasville, MO. There is no proof, but we can be sure that the emigrants had contact with their brother 127.3 Conrad Hermann Heinrich in Lienen. 9 years after the emigration of his siblings Conrad Hermann Heinrich Hilgedieck made up his mind also to emigrate with his family. He sold his farm in Lienen and emigrated 1843 to USA. Some years he lived With his siblings in Marthasville, than he went up the Mississippi river and settled in the era St. Paul, Minnesota.

The translations of the following emigrant documents may show how the people in Prussia got their discharge in that time. The original documents were found in the Staatsarchiv (public records office) Muenster, also the sale contract about the Hilgedieck farm in the archives for notary in Hamm.

Application for certificate of discharge of Conrad H. Heinrich Hilgedieck.

1/6 Thaler cashed stamp, 5 Groschen for application of the Hilgedieck to get a certificate of discharge.

Document Lienen, Aug. 18th 1843. To the signed burgomaster came the colon Hilgedieck living in Dorfbauer and said he would emigrate with his family to America to have there a new homestead.

The book of Hessee has been read but therefore he would not change his resolve.

He all had considered good and therefore he wished to get the certificate of discharge for his emigration.

He was told he could go and he was instructed he would loose his citizenship when he had gone over the border and it would not be possible to return as a poor man.

For all that he would not change his mind and wished to emigrate soon. He said he had no debt. He gave his agreement to ask the town court and the county court in Tecklenburg about this.

At last he was told to look for a sure ship and in Bremen he had to go to the consul of Prussia to get instructions for his voyage.

Because there was nothing other to say this negotiation was ended .

Read approved and signed.

The charges are 15 Thaler.

Conrad Heinrich Hilgedieck

The burgomaster Kriege

Personal discription:

Religion: Evangelical

Age: 45 years

Tallness: 5 feet 4 inches

Hair: brown

Forehead: round

Eyes: blue

Nose: usually

Mouth: usually

Beard: brown

Teeth: -------

Chin: long

Face: oval

Stature: medium size

Particular sign: has only one eye.

The above signed Col. Conrad Heinrich Hilgedieck from Lienen, living in Lienen-Dorfbauer, wishes to emigrate with his family to America and applies for the certificate of discharge.

Because his personally acquaintance and with regard to his military relations and all his other relations he is authorized to emigrate.

Also with reference to the instructions of April 24th 1833, nothing by Police is opposed to this voyage.

This is attested him to get the certificate of discharge.

Lienen, Aug. 18th 1843

The burgomaster Kriege.

Muenster, Aug. 26th 1843

Discharge document

Stamp: 15 Thaler

The sign Royal Government certify the Colonus Conrad Heinrich Hilgedieck

From Lienen, born February 15th 1798, to his wish for emigration to the United States of North-America with his wife Mina Arelmann, 49 years old and with his children, standing under fatherly power:

1. Catharina, born April 16th 1834,

2. Charlotte, born 1840,

3. Heinrich Gerhard, born 1842,

The discharge.

(Sign) (Stamp)

The contract about the sale of the Hilgedieck farm in Lienen, Germany.

Only one drawing up. 30 $ 20 Silvergroschen (Cassa stamp)

Actum Tecklenburg, August 5th 1843.

To me, the subscribed lawyer and notary and the also presently witnesses, the secretary of court Wilhelm Meyerand Rudolph Meese came

1. The gentlemen commissioners Hermann Berkemeyer and Friedrich Baecker from here

2. The colon Conrad Heinrich Hilgedieck from district Dorfbauer in the community Lienen.

All people have disposing and are known personally by me, the notary. They made the following sales contract:

I) Hilgedieck sells the Hilgedieck farm, which he owns, in the district Dorfbauer, community Lienen under the number 12, to the Mr. Berkemeyer and Baecker with all claim on it. He also sells all immovable, which belong to his farm and all appurtenances too. He also sells all , what belongs to him, also the landed property in the district Glandorf, count Hannover. The landed property is also sold, if it is not standing in the register of landed property. He also sells all fruits , which are growing on his farm except only the fruits, which are marked later in this contract. The farm is free of all debt, there are only the following obligation:

A) To the domain tax office Tecklenburg 6$ 29 Gr. every year.

B) To the first pastorate 5$ 3 Pfennig every year.

C) To the sexton's office a piece of yarn and 4 eggs every year.

Also the states and community tax , which is beginning this day.

The largeness of the farm is not granted.

II) The Hilgedieck sells also the whole property, also all things, which his first wife , maiden name Heemann, brought to the Hilgedieck farm. This things he had taken over as his own with permission of the guardianship court. Also the Hilgedieck sells all things, which brought his second wife, maiden name Arelmann in his marriage. Except are only the following things:

a) Mustard and summer seed

b) One oil bottle

c) All cut and non cut linen

d) Three beds, the one on which the seller sleeps, the one on which the maiden sleep, and the bed for strangers.

e) A house clock without box

f) Two sieves

g) One Axe

h) One trunk, which is standing in the kitchen, but only, if the seller, who will emigrate to America, takes it with himself.

i) All porcelain things and all tin spoons

K) Two copper teakettle

l) The harness

m) All flax which is ready and also the flax from the new harvest

n) The wheat corn in the garden

o) A red cow with one horn

p) A large chain and a chain on the hearth and a new hoop

q) One seythe, one metal bucket and dito a saucepan

r) A copper strainer and a grater

s) All pots

t) One Scheffelsaat buckwheat

u) The fruits in the garden, which the seller needs in his household

v) One coffee roaster

w) The oats in the land above and on the little land in front of the wheat corn.

x) Three trees at the Aabach, one oak behind the house and all wood which is cut dawn.

y) Four Scheffelsaat rey

z) Carrots and beans as much as the seller needs, till the time he emigrants. This time will be maximal 3 month.

aa) One new pan

bb) All great beans (broat beans ?)

cc) The cut barley

dd) The pocket watch of the seller

ee) One churn and a stone pot

ff) 3/4 Scheffelsaat with flax for the maid of the seller, 1/4 Scheffelsaat flax for the farmhand and 1/4 Schaffelsaat flax for the seamstress Geselbracht.

gg) All clothes of the seller and his family.

The price for all is sold, the immovable and the property is 3474 $. As part payment are to pay 150$ in the next 8 days. The rest is to pay on the first of September this year, the debts can be educted. To the value stamp the contracted partner noticed:

The immovable cost 2570 $ and all other things 900 $.

The handing over the contracting partner have done, and the buyer can do what they will. Also transfer to their name in the register of landed property. The house and the animals and the household utensils the seller must give to the buyer in the last half of October, or when he goes, but not later than the end of October in this year.

All things which seller will use till he emigrates, he must give to the buyer, as good as they now are. He has to take care for the animals till he emigrates.

When the buyer will carry in the corn and thresh the corn, the seller must allow it.

The buyer must drive the seller with a car and two horses to Bremen without cost, when the seller emigrates to America. The seller has to take care for the support of the farmhand, who drives him to Bremen.

The contracted partner noticed, the seller showed the buyer all fruits, which will use he for himself.

The buyer have to pay all cost of this contract and also the tax stamp of this contract.

After asking of all and because there was nothing more to negotiate the seller declared, he only would be able to signature this contract when the buyer had read it and also the witnesses Meyer.

After this the contract was grant by all and signatured by their own hands.

Conrad Heinrich Hilgedieck read and grant

Berkemeyer read and grant

So happened and closed as above

Wilhelm Meyer witness keeps no seal

Rudolph Meese witness keeps no seal

$ Gr. Pf.
Domain 6 9 9
5 $ 3 Pfennig or - 7 -
a piece of yarn - 2 6
4 eggs - - 8
6 9 11


25 more ..?.brought 165 25 11
Cost for immovable 2574 2574 - -
To Bremen 20 - -
2759 25 11


The cost of the Following property 900 - -
1. from 2759 $.. 25....11 27 20 -
2. From 900 $ - - 3 - -
Summa 30 20 -
And x tax - 10 -
Copies for the Register of Land - 5 -
And for the box 30 20 -
Stamps 30 20
dept Berkemeyer and Baecker 34 17 6